How to hide or show extensions on files in windows XP

Probably many of you have wondered at some point why when go into a folder with different files, extensions of these files are not visible and can not be edited directly. (Fig. 1-1)

Fig. 1-1

In comparison with Fig.1-1, on Fig. 1-2 we can see that the display of file extensions are allowed.




Today we decided to write a tutorial for those of you who wondering exactly how to show extensions of files like on Fig. 1-2


So we have already opened some folder with files. We choose above  drop-down menu “Tools”:



From the drop-down menu “Tools” choose “Folder Options …”



After we choose Folder Options… the dialog window “Folder Options” will be opened.



In “Folder Options” windows we choose “View”.



in menu View, what we need to allow the display of extensions of files in windows XP is a small box which is located at the end of the window:



Remove the check box “Hide extensions for known file”  types:



Select Apply:



Then click OK:



So here’s the final result:


Now you have a visible file extensions in windows XP and you can edit them.